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Tonami City Tourist Information

  • A Year-round City of Flowers

  • Sendanyama Suisen (Narcissus) Soba Festival

    AprilShogawa Gorge Cherry Blossom Festival

    An area of densely growing native Edohigan cherry blossom trees unusual for the Hokuriku Region characterized by heavy snowfalls

    More than 200 native Edohigan cherry blossom trees grow on the hillside of the commonly called “Mount Mukai” located at the bank of Shogawa River. This is extremely rare for an area in the mountains of the Hokuriku Region characterized by heavy snowfalls.

  • Dispersed Settlement x Tulips

    April through MayDispersed Settlement✕Tulips

    Tulips are one of the most common flowers planted in flowerbeds. Bulb production began in the Taisho Period (1912 – 1926). Tonami City is one of Japan’s top producers of tulip bulbs both in terms of quantity and quality. The scenery of colorful tulip fields spreading out in the dispersed settlement is a signature spring view of Tonami.

  • Sendanyama Suisen (Narcissus) Soba Festival

    April through MaySendanyama Suisen (Narcissus) Soba Festival

    200,000 narcissus plants

    Just around the time when tulips are in full bloom, about 200,000 of narcissus plants bloom at the Yume-no-taira Ski Resort. At the venue, local soba and wild vegetables can also be enjoyed.

  • Arayashiki Shibazakura (Moss Phlox) Festival

    April-MayArayashiki Shibazakura (Moss Phlox) Festival

    Moss phloxes reach full bloom at the same time as tulips and narcissi. The beautiful pink carpet attracts the eye even from a distance.

  • Ranjyo-no-mori Japanese Water Iris Festival

    JuneRanjyo-no-mori Japanese Water Iris Festival

    Graceful beauty

    One of the largest water iris gardens in Japan, this garden features 700,000 water iris plants of 600 kinds as well as narcissus, hydrangea, and rabbit-ear iris plants.

  • Tonami Yume-no-taira Cosmos Watching

    OctoberTonami Yume-no-taira Cosmos Watching

    Cosmos plants swaying in the wind

    The hearts of visitors are soothed by the one million cosmos plants completely covering the ski slopes of Yume-no-taira Ski Resort. The location also offers a panoramic view of the dispersed settlement.

  • Tonami Tulip Gallery

    Year-roundTonami Tulip Gallery

    The only facility in the world where visitors can see blooming tulips throughout the year. Take a relaxing break at the café.

    Address:100-1 Nakamura, Tonami City TEL:0763-33-7716

  • Tonami Tulip Park

    Year-roundTonami Tulip Park

    The annual “Tonami Tulip Fair” has been held every year since 1952 as a festival that adorns the spring in the Hokuriku Region. In winter, it is lively with visitors who come to see the lighting displays.

    Address:1-32 Hanazono-machi, Tonami City TEL:0763-33-7716

  • Water-rich and Green An Abundant City

  • Dispersed Settlement Observation Square Observation Deck

    April through NovemberDispersed Settlement Observation Square Observation Deck

    A facility for enjoying the seasonal view of the dispersed settlement

    In addition to the scenery of the dispersed settlement located in Tonami Plain, this observation square offers a panoramic view of the Tateyama mountain range and even the distant Japan Sea.

  • Shogawa Water Festival

    AugustShogawa Water Festival

    A nationally rare festival of water

    The main event of this festival, the Driftwood Riding Tournament, is an event unique to this region where, a long time ago, lumber transportation utilizing the flow of Shogawa River used to be widely practiced. (Held annually on the first Saturday and Sunday of August)

  • Shogawa Gorge Cruising

    Year-roundShogawa Gorge Cruising

    Set out on a short sailing trip

    Visitors can fully enjoy the season just by sailing the lake on a cruise ship that leaves from the Shogawa Gorge Komaki Dam.

  • Tonami Dispersed Settlement Museum

    Year-roundTonami Dispersed Settlement Museum

    A hub facility that maintains the views of the dispersed settlement and communicates information regarding traditional culture

    Address:80 Taromaru, Tonami City TEL:0763-34-7180

  • Shogawa Hot Springs Village

    Year-roundShogawa Hot Springs Village

    One of the best hot spring regions in Toyama Prefecture. We recommend visiting various hot springs facilities as each facility uses hot springs water from different sources. In the midst of abundant nature, your five senses will be soothed entirely.

  • Shogawa Water Memorial Park

    Year-roundShogawa Water Memorial Park

    Featuring a large water fountain, a nature trail, the Water Information Building, and much more, this facility is a sightseeing spot that leverages the water-rich, green scenery of the Shogawa area.

    Address:1550 Kanaya, Shogawa-machi, Tonami City TEL:0763-82-5696

  • Shogawa Wood Plaza

    Year-roundShogawa Wood Plaza

    Offers local specialty yuzu (citrus fruit) products, traditional craft products created by woodworking on wheels, souvenirs, and much more. Features a popular foot bath using the water from Shogawa Seiryu Hot Springs

    Address:1058 Kanaya, Shogawa-machi, Tonami City TEL:0763-82-6841

  • History and Culture A City of Tradition

  • Demachi Children’s Kabuki Hikiyama

    AprilDemachi Children’s Kabuki Hikiyama

    Traditional culture with a long history

    This is a regularly held spring festival of the Demachi region which has been held for more than 200 years. Child actors wearing dazzling costumes give a performance with all their might on a gorgeous float (stage). Designated as an Intangible Folk Cultural Asset of Toyama Prefecture.

  • Shogawa Tourism Festival/Tonami Yotaka Festival

    JuneShogawa Tourism Festival/Tonami Yotaka Festival

    A rice field festival to pray for a year of a full rice harvest and abundant crops

    The giant yotaka lamps of local towns created by the hands of each town’s residents over a few months vividly color the city at early summer.

  • Demachi Children’s Kabuki Hikiyama Center

    Year-roundDemachi Children’s Kabuki Hikiyama Center

    The facility features three floats (stages) as its main display and also displays numerous items including brilliant costumes and props.

    Address:5-4 Demachi-chuo, Tonami City TEL:0763-32-7075

  • Masuyama Castle Ruins

    Year-roundMasuyama Castle Ruins

    Designated as a National Historic Site. One of the three mountain castles of the Ecchu region.

    Address:Masuyama, Tonami City 
    TEL:0763-82-1904 (Lifelong Learning & Sports Section, Tonami City Board of Education)

Tonami Brand

Superb Tonami Items Introducing Rigorously Selected Specialty Items!

  • Ookado Somen Noodles

    Ookado Somen Noodles

    Hand-made thin, long somen noodles wrapped into a ball. Featuring just the right firmness, these noodles are a delight to eat.

  • Shogawa Yuzu

    Shogawa Yuzu

    As a result of being grown in the harsh climate of this region on the Japan Sea side, these citrus fruits have thick pulps, a strong sour taste, and a strong scent.

  • Seed Rice (Paddy Rice Seed)

    Seed Rice (Paddy Rice Seed)

    Tonami City boasts the largest production amount of seed rice in Japan. This high-quality seed rice has a high germination rate due to the region’s favorable natural conditions and our excellent growing techniques.