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1) Decorate rooms with tulips to enhance attractiveness!

Because of the shape of its flower, tulips are also called the “fire flower.” The force of fire gives people power to become attractive from within. Accordingly, among the lucks related to personal relationships, tulips are said to improve one’s popularity luck.If you plan to decorate your house with tulips, we recommend placing them at the living room, the entrance, and other places where people walk through or gather together.
Lively colors like red, pink, and orange will create a gorgeous atmosphere.
If you want to improve your romantic luck, place pink tulips at the north side of a room.
If you want to improve your luck regarding personal relationships, place orange tulips at the southeast side.

 To improve your romantic luck : North side⇒Pink tulips
 To improve your luck regarding personal relationships : Southeast side⇒Orange tulips

Red tulips
Pink tulips

2) Recommended daily usages of tulip items

Because tulips improve your popularity luck, they are a good choice of flowers during spring time when the chances of meeting new people increase.
We recommend using tulip items casually for daily usage.
The flower of common tulips has an adorable, plump form. You will most certainly gain more attention by using daily items that use such adorable tulip as their motif.vivid colors are certain to brighten up your house.

  • mugs

    Tumblers and mugs are recommended for use at your home or workplace.

  • perfume

    A tulip perfume could make you feel like you are always in a field of tulips.

  • nail

    Tulip-shaped jewelry and nail decorations are also gorgeous.

The Tonami Tulip Gallery in Tonami City carries various tulip items.
Pens and sticky notes with tulip motifs will most certainly gain attention at your school or workplace.
Aprons and broaches are perfect as a present for your mother. The teddy bears with tulip patterns are popular among kids.

3) Have a Gentle Sleep with the Fragrance of Tulips

Did you know that tulips have fragrance?You might have been surprised by this information since the modest fragrance of this flower is delicate and faint. Tulips actually have nine types of fragrances including a citrus scent, a fruity scent, and an herbal scent.
We recommend placing tulips in your bedroom as the fragrance of this flower has calming and relaxing effects.
In terms of the types of tulips, Ballerina tulips with a fruity scent and Monte Carlo tulips with a sweet herbal scent have soothing effects.

It seems that a good night’s sleep will be promised just by surrounding ourselves with the gentle fragrance of tulips.

4) Tulips are edible!?

Did you know that there are tulips that can be eaten? Flowers that are developed as food are called edible flowers and tulips are one of them. A well-known edible flower in Japan is the edible chrysanthemum that is often used to garnish sashimi (raw fish) and other dishes. Since edible flowers are nutritious and have a gorgeous appearance, many shops have recently begun to use them for salads and desserts.

The petals of tulips are thick and crunchy. Also, they contain a large amount of fiber.
The common tulips grown for decorative purposes cannot be eaten as they are. If you want to try eating tulips, purchase edible tulips from shops that specialize in edible flowers.

5) Feelings and thoughts embedded in the language of flowers

Tulips come in a wide variety of colors and this is one of the reasons for their popularity. The language of flowers common to all colors of this popular flower is Philanthropy and Kindness.
However, just as tulips come in many colors, the language of flowers differs for each color.
For example, the language of flowers is Beginning of Love and Sincere Love for pink tulips and Undying Love and Eternal Love for purple tulips.
As apparent from these examples, the language of flowers of tulips includes many words that are full of love.
But some of them have meanings that make your heart ache like those of yellow and white tulips, Hopeless Love and Lost Love. When giving tulips to someone, why not communicate your feelings through the messages represented by each tulip! When we have this purpose in mind, it is a lot of fun to select flowers.

Red tulips

Incidentally, if you receive a bouquet of red tulips, you may have received an important message!?

 The language of flowers of tulips by color

Red: Declaration of Love Pink: Beginning of Love, Sincere Love Orange: Shy Person Yellow: Hopeless Love
Purple: Undying Love, Eternal Love White: Lost Love Black: Please Forget Me Multi-color: Suspicious Love