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Photograph Uploading Rules

Read through the following items carefully before uploading a photograph.

These rules apply to all photographs uploaded for the I Love Tulip. – Tonami – Participatory Photo Gallery.

By making an entry, the contributor agrees to the terms and conditions of the Photograph Uploading Rules (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”).
We will refrain from posting a photograph or a comment without the consent of the contributor if it is judged that the photograph or the comment violates the Rules. In addition, we may delete a photograph or a comment without the consent of the contributor even after it has been posted.

[Eligibility for entry]

  • A person who can send, via the Internet, an image data of a photograph they took.

[Entry photo]

  • A photograph taken by the contributor that has not been edited intentionally.
  • *In the following cases, uploaded photographs will not be posted: 1) the photograph is deemed to be violating public order and standards of decency, 2) the photograph includes company names, product names, etc., 3) the photograph is deemed harmful or offensive to any third party or is deemed to have the risk of privacy violations, 4) the photograph is judged as violating a law or ordinance or as connected to a criminal act. (These terms also apply to nicknames and comments.)

[Handling of copyrights and related matters]

  • The copyright of an uploaded photograph belongs to the person who took the relevant picture. However, we shall use uploaded photographs in this website without obtaining individual consents (when using any uploaded photograph for any other purpose, we will contact the contributor and obtain prior consent).
  • The contributors shall not assert their moral rights of authors.
  • We accept unpublished and published photographs. However, photographs already published will be posted only when there is no problem regarding copyright terms or any other term.
  • We shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever caused by or resulting from the act of making an entry to this website.

[Privacy, likeness rights, and other rights of the people and objects in the photograph]

  • The contributor must resolve rights issues regarding the people and objects in the relevant photograph. In particular, when the photograph includes people and buildings, the contributor is solely responsible for obtaining consents from all parties concerned with the people and buildings in the photograph. We shall not be held responsible for any problem arising from photographs uploaded by contributors.

[Photography location]

  • We do not accept photographs of private lands (such as private residences) inaccessible to the general public, dangerous locations, or locations where photographing is forbidden.

[Image data]

  • In order to ensure image quality standards, we recommend photographs with a width of at least 800 pixels. Photographs must be JPEG files and no larger than 5MB.

[Posting photographs on our website]

  • Uploaded photographs are checked and reviewed before we post them for public view. We do not post all uploaded photographs.
  • We may revise obvious mistakes in the comments and other text entered by the contributors.

[Handling of uploaded photographs]

  • We may delete uploaded photographs after a certain period of time. The uploaded photograph data are not returned to the contributor.

[Privacy policy]

  • We use the e-mail address entered by a contributor only for contacting the contributor regarding the contents of his/her entry.