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We will introduce the recommended sightseeing spots in Tonami City.

Date:March 31th, 2020

  • Tulip Park

    ■Tulip Park
    A park with a tulip motif, which is both a prefectural flower and a city flower. Various events such as the Tonami Tulip Fair are held to entertain visitors. The park also houses Japan's largest waterwheel, a museum, a cultural hall, and a local museum.

  • Tulip Gallery

    ■Tulip Gallery
    The only facility in the world where visitors can see blooming tulips throughout the year. You can learn about the secrets and history of tulips, and there is a tulip palace surrounded by tulips all around, a multipurpose hall and a shop selling cute accessories. We also recommend relaxing at the cafe.

  • Shogawa Gorge Cruising Boat

    ■Shogawa Gorge Cruising Boat
    A 1-hour round-trip from Komaki to Omaki. You can hear the murmuring of the Shogawa and the chirping of birds, and you can enjoy seasonal scenery such as fresh green leaves, autumn leaves, and snowy scenery. There is also a short sightseeing tour available that takes you back to the boat dock in about 25 minutes.

  • Dispersed Settlement Observation Deck / Observation Square

    ■Dispersed Settlement Observation Deck / Observation Square
    A superb view spot where you can overlook the landscape of the dispersed settlement. You can see the Tateyama mountain range and the Japan Sea far off in the distance. At the beginning of May, you can see the sunset reflected upon the paddy field. The night view is also worth seeing. There is a large parking lot in the observation square.

  • Farmer Restaurant Ookado

    ■Farmer Restaurant Ookado
    A restaurant renovated from an Azumadachi House (traditional farmhouse) unique to Tonami which was built in 1897. Various dishes that use seasonal ingredients made with local produce for local consumption are available such as the "Ookado Somen (Japanese thin wheat noodle)”, as well as "Yogoshi (miso-flavored boiled vegetable leaves)" "Yubesu (eggs on agar, seasoned with soy sauce and sugar and hardened)" "Maruage (fried tofu) with various fillings" and "Root Vegetable Itoko-ni (a dish with boiled adzuki beans and root vegetables together)" etc. You can enjoy the traditional dishes of Tonami while looking over the peaceful countryside.