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Tonami City Photo Library

Use of Posted Photographs

Usage Rules and Consent

The Tonami City Photo Library was created for the purpose of promoting Tonami City.
The contents of the Tonami City Photo Library (hereinafter the “Contents”) shall be used in pamphlets, leaflets, magazines, newspaper articles, advertisements, websites, educational materials, and other media for the purpose of introducing the attractiveness of Tonami City and tourism products.
Tonami City owns all copyrights and licensing rights of the Contents.
We do not hold the likeness rights, trademark rights, copyrights, or any other rights concerning the objects in the photographs such as people, goods, and locations. Tonami City shall not be responsible for any problem whatsoever arising from the use of the Contents in relation to any of the aforementioned rights. If a person does not accept the term described in the preceding statement, the said person is not allowed to use the Contents. A person shall agree to the hitherto described Usage Rules prior to using the Contents. Based on the preceding statement, an individual Usage Consent Agreement shall not be issued.
The contents of the Usage Rules may be changed without prior notice.

Forbidden Acts

We do not allow the use of images posted in the Tonami City Photo Library (hereinafter referred to as the “Images”) for any postcard, collection of stock images, collection of photographs, product label, product mainly featuring stock photographs, or any other item (matter) that can be sold as it is.We forbid the usage or registration of the Images as or as part of a trademark.
Do not use the Images for the purpose of blaming or slandering.
Do not use the Images in a manner that violates public order and standards of decency.
Do not use the Images for purposes in relation to politics or religion. *Strictly adhere to the above-described rules when using the Images. If a usage violating the above-described rules is identified, the usage will be forbidden.